Shih Tzus

With their distinctive appearance and bigger than life personalities, the Shih Tzu has become one of America's most esteemed lapdogs. With lineage that dates back to ancient China, Shih Tzus are known for their large, shinning eyes and soft, luscious coats of fur. With docile natures, Shih Tzus love to lounge with their human companions. Highly affectionate, they are great with children as well.

Despite their short stature, Shih Tzus possess relatively solid builds and healthy appetites. These adoring pups do require a great deal of maintenance with frequent trips to the groomer to maintain their coats.

Raised with all the loving care you would expect from qualified breeders, Little Toy Angels invites you to meet the guys and gals of their Shih Tzu family below!

We have White and Blue Shih Tzus!

View photos of male Shih Tzu at Little Toy Angels in Virginia, IL.

View photos of female Shih Tzus at Little Toy Angels in Virginia, IL!

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